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A Selfless Teacher Worth Her Weight In Gold And More . . .

Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana is a loving wife, mother of teens (almost all adults now), teacher, lecturer and
#1 amazon best-selling author. She attended the University of Lagos and attained her first degree in Estate Management, following this with a master's degree in Management and Education from the University of Greenwich UK, simply for the sheer passion and love she has for children.

As well as her skills in teaching and lecturing for many years now, Bukky has a passion for positive parenting and family values and has been involved in coaching, mentoring, tutoring and leadership training for young people for much of that time.

She is co-founder of - a.k.a - TCEC (6-16), a professional tutoring centre which forms part of The TCEC Group; that focuses on helping children between the ages of 6 and 16 - Catch Up and Get Ahead. The TCEC Centre helps children with their academic learning needs, including Maths, English, Spelling, Writing, Reading, SATS, 11 Plus and GCSE's. A leading learning centre in the heart of London, United Kingdom, the TCEC Centre helps all children between Key stages 1,2,3 & 4 create a great and secure future for themselves. For more information kindly visit the link above.

Now, using the skills she has developed over the many years of helping parents and children both at work and in homes, Bukky now as an author, with a growing range of helpful titles and a rapidly expanding army of readers is hoping that her dream to help even more people will be possible by reaching out to a much wider audience with her books online. Some of her titles, available on Amazon are:

The Fear of the Lord: How God's Honour Guarantees Your Peace; a book in the Christian vein examining how we can live our lives as true Christians, 101 Tips For Helping Your Child's Learning and 101 Tips For Developing Your Children are both in the education field and have both previously provided Bukky with Amazon Best Sellers.

Other books in her portfolio deal with coping strategies for teenagers, development of teens and young adults, financial tips for kids and healthy habits they can adopt.

In her spare time, Bukky devotes much of it to her loving family and to people in her immediate and extended communities. She lives in Essex with her husband and their 3 lovely children. She also enjoys reading and swimming when she gets time away from her first passion of serving children and their parents. She hopes to continue to be able to help many more others through her work and books for a long time to come. After all the secret of living is giving right?

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This Book Will Also Help End All Your Fears When You Get YOUR FREE COPY,

What Others Are Saying About This Amazing Book

An Inspiring Book!

By A TA Buyer

When you hear the topic “The fear of the Lord” you immediately imagine a book
that is full of strict rules, do’s and don’ts. However this book is pleasantly different.
Although it is dealing with a serious and important topic, the author has written
it in a simple fashion, conveying her message in an effective way. I love the fact
that she draws from her personal experience to buttress her points, making the
book even more relatable.

This Book Is Very Insightful

By Olayinka Olabinjo

It is recommended for every Christian

This book will cause you to examine your relationship with God in a new light.
It teaches you what it means to fear God and assist you to identify areas of
your life that you need to work on. This book is very insightful, simple and
practical. It is recommended for every Christian.

This Book Is Not A Light Read

By Greatful

This book is not a light read. It proffers proven age long solution to issues
young people face in our contemporary society while highlighting the traps
and pitfalls. There is a “take care! Watch your step! “Call as the author seeks
to bring to the surface the internal battles that produce the outward social
issues affecting the youth and by extension, the society.

It takes a distinctive stance on the saving grace of Christ and the life
transforming effect of His word.

-The philosophical might admire it lessons but is likely to frown at its depth.
-The God-rejecting will rage at its style.

But for the one who is after a life free of avoidable wounds and scars,
the suggestions in this book will get you well on your way.

Very Insightful

By Anonymous Reader

This book is pleasantly different from what I'd envisaged from the title because
it's not full of strict rules. Though dealing with a very serious topic, the author has
written in a simple yet effective way; drawing from her own personal experience
to buttress her points and making the book easy to relate with.

My favorite part is Chapter 3 which details how the Holy Spirit helps us to make
choices despite God giving us humans our free will.

You will find many useful nuggets in this book that will enhance your walk
with God.

I highly recommend this book to both young and old.

This Is A Great Book

By Dude

In a time when the lines are increasingly blurred between Christianity and worldliness,
this book serves as a practical guide to support Christians in their daily life. It is an
amazing account of how a life steeped in the fear of the LORD is profitable – not
because GOD benefits from it, but so that we can live an abundant life.

The author succinctly interweaves stories across the bible with real-life narratives to
illustrate the undeniable parallel between being a Christian and having a reverential
fear of the LORD. It is easy to feel so pressured when temptations come knocking,
causing us to fall prey to the enemy. However, the author uses the story of Joseph
to make the point that it is in our own interest to focus on our calling/destiny/dreams
rather than throw it all way for fleeting pleasures that dissipate in no time.
Issues concerning our youths abound in the news and there is no time more crucial
than this to reach out. The author has a heart for the youth and the book contains
a straightforward message to the youths to think about the choices that they make.

This book is worth reading and I would recommend as a family read especially for
families with pre-teen children. The earlier children can understand that every
action (we take in life) come with associated rewards or consequences, the better.

A Very Thought-Provoking & Fascinating Read

By Joanne Bolton

The idea of God as a father is something that I have never quite grasped, but Bukky's
description in Chapter 2 of how her own father, and mother, helped her grasp this was
an eye opener and a very thought-provoking and interesting read. She makes the point
of saying that both her parents were not perfect (page 39) but their honesty and sincerity
aided her in becoming the person she is today. Another valid point she raised, in the same
chapter, was one of discipline. Just as parents need to, and do, discipline their children so
to does God discipline us, and this is proof that we are not 'illegitimate children' but adopted
into God's family (page 40). When confronted with our wrongdoings, we need to repent -
a subject vastly misunderstood - and Bukky touches on this in her book. She says, "...the
issue is not about what we do wrong, but when we are confronted with the deed, whether
we accept the wrong, then repent, confessing our sins, or whether we defend our actions."
(page 43). Being orphans, or having a distant (physically or emotionally) father, is another
topic Bukky touches on and uses as a brilliant metaphor for our relationship with God as
a father-figure. All in all Bukky uses great imagery to describe plain truths and intertwines
personal stories with biblical ones (and secular ones) to create a fascinating read.

A Must Read!

By An Amazon Customer

I found this book easy to read and the opening sentence was enticing. The book is targeted
towards the youth, but also applies very much to older Christians who want to learn about
the fear of the Lord.

It emphasises that even though God has given us free will, choosing to sin causes a lot of
pain and the 'pleasure' you get from it is short-lived. The author encourages the youth to
stay true to God, be conscious of Him always and by being obedient we show how much
we love Him.

I liked the many stories and examples of how to avoid pitfalls as well as what others have
done that has helped them move closer to God.

I have learned a lot from this book and will highly recommend it as it's relevant to our lives
in this day and age.

A Book That Is Apt And Relevant

By A Johnson

A book that is apt and relevant, not just for today's youth but also for the mature christian.

I particularly like the way in which the author cleverly used the stories of bible characters like
Joseph, Reuben and King Saul to drive home the importance of and link between love for
God and obedience to him.

Added to these and running through the pages of the book are threads that show how important
forgiveness and repentance are.

The author unapologetically and in simplicity, unpacks biblical truths, to aid driving home the
message of the need to love this God.

The urge to finish the book at a stretch makes putting it down difficult, thus comically enabling
a reader, such as myself to exercise intentionality, which happens to be a characteristic that
the book encourages around the choices one makes in life.

Must Read

By Victory

This book is a must read for anyone who truly wants to live a life pleasing to the LORD
and especially in the fear of the LORD

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